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The Best Plants For Your Garden If You’re A Sagittarius
For Sagittarian energy in your garden, add carnations as a gift of celebration and joy whose layered look is similar to the complex nature of the fire sign. As late spring bloomers, carnations need full sun, well-draining soil, and a slightly alkaline pH level.
Similar to Sagittarians, alocasias are unique and require a lot of attention and socialization. They do best with slightly dry soil in high humidity conditions, so keep them indoors next to a humidifier or on top of a pebble tray with bright, indirect light.
Golden Pothos
Also known as devil’s ivy, these strong-willed plants last long and are hard to kill; they are more vibrant with full sun but can also handle low lighting and a little underwatering. These are low-maintenance plants, that can be brought outside during summer.
Jupiter rules the Sagittarius zodiac, symbolizing philosophy and luck, and mint is an energetic, persistent plant that quickly adapts to its surroundings. This herb can be grown indoors or outdoors, but preferably in pots with full sun and lots of moisture.
Prayer Plant
This bold and intriguing plant matches a Sagittarian’s restless energy by constantly moving throughout the day. A prayer plant does best indoors in adequate but indirect light with consistently moist soil, and be sure to mist it daily or place it by a humidifier.