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The Best Roof Color If You Have A
Blue House
Many homes have neutral colors like white or beige, which makes it easier to decide what roof color to get. However, deciding on a roof color for a blue home is a much more daunting task, which is why we’re here to tell you the best hues for your home.
In order to make your blue home pop, opt for a contrasting roof with dark or light gray tones. You can also opt for a black roof, but you should stay away from brown and tan tones, as they’ll make your blue home look dated.
Not only does the color of your home impact what roof color you choose, but the size does as well, so if you have a small home, opt for gray shingles in light ash or a smoky tone. Large homes can afford darker slates or charcoal shingles, as these will positively emphasize the size of the house.