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The Best Sheet Colors If You Have A White Duvet
A minimalistic atmosphere leaves space for creativity and personality, and a white duvet is elegant, timeless, and simple. Certain colors match better with white than others, and we have a few options that will be the perfect compliment while helping you tie the room together.
Your ideal match for a white duvet is taupe bedding because it creates a neutral palette that still allows the white to pop without being overpowering. Choosing a neutral option still leaves endless possibilities for other décor and accents, and taupe is associated with earthy, stable feelings and emotions, creating a beautiful atmosphere in your bedroom.
If you don’t like taupe, opt for gentle-toned sheets like sage green, dusty rose, and pastels, because they will still give your bedding a pop of color without being overbearing. When it comes to picking a color for your sheets, it’s important to consider everything from your paint choices to the curtains and furniture.