Potted hydrangea displaying vibrant pink flowers
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The Best Small Hydrangea Varieties To Decorate Your Small Yard
Hydrangeas are versatile plants that thrive even in small yards, especially dwarf and lacecap varieties due to their compact size and manageable growth habits.
One popular dwarf variety is the “Little Lime” hydrangea. It grows to be between 3 to 5 feet tall and produces large, conical flowers that gradually turn from green to pale lime.
At 2-3 feet tall, the Bobo hydrangea has large, white flowers that turn from soft pink to a regal purple hue over time. Another dwarf variety, it’s a good choice for small yards.
Lacecap hydrangea varieties like Tiny Tuff Stuff grow to about 2 feet, making them ideal for small yards. They offer a spectrum of colors that don’t require any pruning.
The Tuff Stuff hydrangea, another lacecap variety, grows to 2-3 feet and produces blooms that transition from mauve to blue or pink depending on
soil acidity.
There’s also the Bluebird hydrangea, a shrub that grows 3-4 feet tall. Its flowers can be a combination of blue and pink hues, depending on soil pH, and blooms well into the fall.