Person planting pansies in a pot
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The Best Spilling Companion Plants For Your Pansy Planter
Pansies are the perfect spring flower, providing signs of color after the stark winter. Pair these hardy flowers with spilling companion plants to add interest and texture.
When designing planters, add spillers, which have cascading growth habits that spill over sides. These, along with fillers, can complement and elevate the beauty of pansies.
Ivy is a classic choice, as is creeping Jenny. Both offer visual interest that won’t distract from the pansies and can thrive in the lingering coolness of early spring.
Sweet potato vines come in various complementary shades, while dichondra, a delicate silvery-green plant, can add elegance. These hardy plants work well alongside pansies.
Start your pansy planter in late March or early April after the last frost. Since pansies can survive single-digit temperatures, choose a cold-hardy spiller to plant with them.