A white man works in his own garden. weeding and fertilizing the blueberry bush
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The Best Spot In Your Garden To Plant Blueberry Bushes
Blueberries thrive best in full sun. While they can tolerate shade, it will result in a smaller yield, so be sure to choose a spot where they’ll get 6-8 hours of sun per day.
Strong winds can damage blueberry bushes’ branches, add stress, and dry the soil out quickly, so your location should also be sheltered by a fence or building.
Since blueberry bushes have short roots, they need soil that can hold moisture and still stay well-drained. Using raised beds or pots with coarse sand can also help drainage.
Soil acidity is also important to pay attention to. Blueberry bushes require soil that is between 4.0 pH and 5.0 pH — anything else will negatively affect their growth potential.
Space is also critical for blueberries: They need room for air circulation, yet also need to be close enough for cross-pollination. To ensure this, plant bushes 4 to 6 feet apart.