Bleeding heart plant thriving in the garden
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The Best Time Of Year To Divide Bleeding Hearts In Your Garden
The optimal times of the year to divide your bleeding heart plants are either in early spring, before they bloom, or in fall, after the leaves and stems have died back.
If you choose to divide a bleeding heart plant in the spring, wait until the sprouts are a few inches tall. It's advised to soak the soil with water the night
before the division.
The next day, dig up the entire plant, including the roots. Using a clean and sanitized knife, cut the root section into two or three parts, depending on the size of the plant.
However, if you plan to wait until fall to divide a bleeding heart plant, remember to mark its location before all the foliage disappears.
Then, in fall, divide the plant in the same way as you would in spring. Keep in mind, bleeding heart plants thrive when they are divided approximately once every five years.