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The Best Time Of Year To Divide Your Daylilies
By dividing daylilies in the fall, they’ll be able to finish flowering as the temperature starts dropping. This gives them enough time to grow sturdy roots before winter arrives.
The milder weather also means less stress for your plants because you’ll have given them ample time to settle in and establish these robust root systems.
When dividing daylily clumps, stick with plants that have been in the ground for at least three years, as they are more likely to benefit from division and produce more blooms.
Do this task every three to five years on cloudy days to keep them stress-free and prevent them from drying out. Carefully handle the clumps to protect the roots and foliage.
Avoid over-dividing your daylilies, since this can stress them out and impede their ability to recover and bloom. Divide each clump into sections with three to five shoots.
While doing so provides a good balance between rejuvenation and plant recovery, keep in mind that it can take a year or two for the divisions to really flourish.