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The Best Time Of Year To Divide Your Ornamental Grasses
Ornamental grasses need to be divided in order for them to continue to flourish. The best time for this practice is usually in the spring, however, the window varies by grass type.
Warm-season grasses grow quickly in the late spring and early summer, so you’ll want to divide them when the soil is relatively dry in order to get the best results.
Cool-season ornamental grass reach their fastest growth rates in the spring and fall months, which means dividing them in the spring will be best.
If you divide this type in the fall, make sure you're not close to any freeze. This can stunt the plant’s growth and kill it if it doesn't root before the harsh weather.
Unlike other grass types, evergreen grasses do not become dormant. To avoid causing them stress, it is best to divide these in the spring, after the risk
of frost has passed.