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The Best Time Of Year To Plant Hydrangeas
Hydrangeas are known for their beautiful large blooms that are often made into floral arrangements. This plant grows in most climates and weather patterns, and while it isn’t difficult to grow and care for hydrangeas, planting them at the right time of year will give them the best chance at success.
Early fall is the best time to plant hydrangeas because it gives the roots time to settle into the ground before the first frost of winter. Sowing hydrangeas in early spring is the next best option and planting them in the early morning or late afternoon prevents the plant from getting too much heat and sunlight.
Before planting season, shake out the roots of your hydrangea, then dig a hole in the soil as deep as your plant’s root system and two to three times as wide. Place the plant in the hole, and fill it up halfway with soil before generously watering it. Once the water is absorbed, fill the remaining space with soil, and wet the entire area.