Pink peonies blooming in the garden
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The Best Time Of Year To Successfully Divide Peonies In Your Garden
You should divide peonies in your garden when the plants have been well-established for at least 3-4 years, which allows the plants to develop a strong and healthy root system.
This ensures the peonies can withstand the transplant shock and settle well into new positions. Once the plants reach that age, you can divide them during
their dormant season.
The dormant season is typically in the late summer or early fall, around September, after the foliage has turned yellow, or in the early spring, before new growth begins.
Dividing peonies during this time guarantees they have enough time to establish their root systems before winter's cold temperatures arrive and the plants become dormant.
In the following spring, the newly divided peonies may not produce many blooms, but with enough watering, sunlight, and well-draining soil, the plants will eventually flourish.