close-up of creeping phlox flowers
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The Best Time To Plant Creeping Phlox For A Stunningly Colorful Garden
Give your creeping phlox the best chance to establish itself and thrive in your garden, and you’ll be able to enjoy this spectacular pink and purple-flowered groundcover for years.
Phlox subulata and Phlox stolonifera are native to North America and grow up to a foot tall. The former spreads up to 3 feet wide, and it can even be used as a lawn alternative.
Plant your creeping phlox in soil with good drainage and plenty of organic matter. Phlox stolonifera likes neutral or acidic soil, while Phlox subulata prefers a soil pH under 6.
Bare roots plants can be planted in winter, but small starts must be planted in spring after the last frost. Avoid transplanting phlox in the summer heat so as not to stress it.
A phlox will grow well in a garden border or a container. Just be sure to water container plants more often in summer and mulch roots to protect against temperature fluctuations.