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The Best Time To Shop At HomeGoods And Grab The Greatest Deals
Give yourself a buffer of at least two-and-a-half weeks on either side of a holiday, but try to have your shopping done by the Monday before Thanksgiving when it comes to Christmas. If you're planning on getting your holiday shopping done at HomeGoods, so is everyone else.
We love a leisurely trip to HomeGoods as much as the next person during the weekend, but you probably also know that you aren't the only person hoping to find a major bargain buy. Discount stores can become swamped on Saturday and Sunday, making it challenging to find parking.
You shouldn't head down to the store on Monday, either — this has more to do with inventory levels than crowds. Those weekend crowds can deplete the shelves, and because the staff was working to help customers check out, they wouldn't have had enough time to restock the aisles with new arrivals.
Instead, take advantage of the newly-replenished shelves and discounts by shopping from late mornings, Tuesday through Friday, as recommended by The Kitchn. Then you'll have the widest variety to choose from and a more relaxed shopping experience.