White plastic chair close-up on a background of green grass
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The Best Tips For Making Your White Plastic Chairs Whiter
You can easily clean and brighten your plastic chair, or any other plastic furniture, with a simple wash and application of lemon, baking soda, oxygen bleach, or vinegar.
Start by moving your chairs to an open space away from any garden plants or fabric furniture that could become stained. If needed, lay a tarp down to protect your lawn.
Spray down your chair with a garden hose to remove dirt and pollen, then wash it using dish soap and a washrag or sponge. Avoid harsh scrub brushes that can scratch the plastic.
Furniture over a few years old may develop tough black or gray mildew spots, and removing them often requires a pressure washer.
On the lightest setting possible, move in with slow and steady strokes, and work around the chair to remove dirt and mildew before using a cleaner to kill any remaining mold.
Natural cleaners like vinegar, lemon, or baking soda are ideal, but if you must use bleach, go for an oxygen bleach that's safer for plants. Choose one, and don't mix chemicals.
To clean and brighten your plastic chairs, dilute your solution with water and pour it into a spray bottle or create a paste with baking soda.
Cover the chair's surface with the solution or baking soda paste, and let it sit in the sun for a few minutes. Gently rub with a clean, wet rag before rinsing the chair.