Cherry tomatoes on the vine
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The Best Tomato Varieties To Grow For Beginner Gardeners
While most tomato varieties grow easily, some grow much hardier, faster, and easier than others. Three such varieties are cherry tomatoes, glacier tomatoes, and roma tomatoes.
Most cherry tomato varieties grow easily. With a short growing season and the adaptability to grow in various climates, you can get an abundant harvest in just 50 to 60 days.
Since they’re small, one cherry tomato plant can produce lots of blossoms. As a result, it’s easier and more likely to harvest many tomatoes from a single plant.
Glacier tomatoes have long growing periods and are easier than other varieties to cultivate in many different climate zones, including those with short summers.
This variety starts producing within an average of 56 days after planting. Its ability to tolerate drought and frigid weather makes it one of the most productive varieties.
Roma tomatoes tend to have long growing seasons, though they might not always be easy to grow. Many start roma tomato plants indoors before transplanting them outdoors.
They are easy to grow due to their natural resistance against certain diseases, such as fusarium and verticillium wilt, and are relatively compact.