Floweing orchid on greenhouse workbench
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The Best Type Of Fertilizer For Your Orchids
Orchids are plants that need fertilizer to thrive. Without it, they wouldn't have enough macronutrients and micronutrients to produce healthy roots and foliage.
The macronutrients in fertilizer are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. While the micronutrients are iron, manganese, boron, and many more ingredients.
Pay attention to the three numbers the fertilizer lists on the label. A safe option to go for is a balanced 20-20-20 formula that will have equal amounts of macronutrients in it.
However, the pot that your orchid is in will affect its needs. If you have them mounted on wood, they will need more nitrogen, so you should give it a 9-3-6 fertilizer.
For more blooms, choose a 3-12-6 formula that has more phosphorus. Although, you'll want to return to the balanced option once you see flower spikes growing.
Orchids are prone to fertilizer burn, so you'll need to dilute the formula even more than you would with other plants before adding it.