A concrete floor with cracks in it
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The Best Type Of Paint To Use On Concrete Surfaces
In most cases, acrylic latex, epoxy, or masonry paints give the best results on concrete surfaces. Walls do best with masonry applications and floors need the acrylic latex.
All of these options provide moisture protection, which is important for a porous material like concrete, while also guarding against premature cracking and peeling.
Consider your concrete wall’s location before choosing a paint type. Concrete walls in a below-ground basement are best painted with epoxy or masonry paints.
Masonry paints have an elastomeric material that can expand and contract along the concrete wall as moisture and temperature levels change to reduce the chance of peeling.
Epoxy is also a good choice for below-ground basements because it offers a waterproof design. However, pros are more likely to use masonry paint, as it dries faster and costs less.
Concrete walls above the ground mean you don’t have to worry about moisture, so you can use latex products on top of masonry and epoxy products.
Latex has waterproof capabilities, protecting the cement from water penetration after rain. It also prevents the paint from cracking or peeling.
Concrete floors that see regular foot traffic (or even vehicular traffic) will have the best results when painted with epoxy, as it’s extremely durable and stain-resistant.
Because of this foot traffic, you may want to add a sealer over the top of your concrete floor after painting to provide an extra layer of protection from scrapes and scratches.