A paintbrush atop a can of primer
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The Best Type Of Primer To Use When Repainting Your Ceiling
When repainting your ceiling, it's crucial to select the right primer for a flawless finish. For brand-new drywall or fresh projects, a water-based primer is the ideal choice.
It sets a clean foundation for the paint, ensuring a smooth and unblemished application, and offers flexibility, as any type of paint can be used on top of it.
However, if you're dealing with old drywall that has stains, texture, or recent alterations, such as the removal of popcorn texture, an oil-based primer is the better option.
This type of primer excels in covering tough blemishes, resulting in reduced paint usage. You can then use an oil- or latex-based paint on top of it, but not a water-based one.
Remember, oil-based primers come with a potent odor and require thorough ventilation. They also take longer to dry, often necessitating a 24-hour wait before the paint application.