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The Best Watering Practices For Your Plants During A Heatwave
Although summer can be a boon for plants, too much heat can cause more damage than good, so here are some tips for watering plants to help them survive summer heatwaves.
When watering during a heatwave, you’ll want to soak the plants before the hottest part of the day, but how often you soak them depends on how established they are.
Established plants are hardier and benefit from a slow soaking in the morning for up to an hour once or twice a week, while newer plants will need a soak two to three times a week.
Since excessive heat makes it tough for plants to draw moisture from deep in the soil, deep watering using a soaker hose is ideal, particularly for new plants.
While deep watering will help plants reach water in a heatwave, newly planted lawns will benefit from an additional brief watering two or three times a day to keep the soil moist.