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The Best
Way To
Clean Behind
Your Toilet
While the space behind your toilet can be out of sight and out of mind, this is where the most germs tend to live. When you flush a toilet with the lid up, the germs spread to places like the damp, dark area behind your toilet, making it a very necessary spot to routinely clean.
Cleaning behind your toilet is awkward since it's part toilet and part floor. You should first clean this area by hand, since most mops won't reach the narrow and awkwardly shaped area behind the toilet, meaning they won't effectively target bacteria.
Begin cleaning the back of your toilet by using a towel to wipe up any surface dirt or debris, then use soap and water, and finally a strong disinfectant, like bleach. Let it sit on the area for at least four minutes, then dry off the area and mop with the rest of your bathroom floors.