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The Best Way To Clean The Floor Between Your Bed And The Wall
There are a few important places homeowners often forget to clean, and the most common place is the space between your bed and the wall. This area is difficult to clean as most bed frames are pushed up against the wall, but luckily, there’s a cleaning product that allows you to clean this hard-to-reach spot without moving your bed.
The best and easiest way to clean the floor between your bed and the wall is with a vacuum using an attachment or micro hose. You can also use a duster that extends to hard-to-reach places and pick up all the dust and grime that’s been collected over the years.
Neglecting to dust your home regularly can lead to health concerns like asthma and allergy symptoms. If you have pets, live in a dusty area, or open the windows frequently, you should dust at least once a week.