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The Best Way To Clean Under Your Couch
Cleaning underneath your furniture can be a pain, especially with bigger pieces that can collect a significant amount of dirt, dust, and debris throughout the day. If you don’t have a busy household, you should clean underneath your furniture about twice a month, but if you have frequent visitors, children, or pets, you should tidy up once a week.
Wood, vinyl, laminate, or tile floors make this daunting task a little easier because you can slide your furniture, and for heavier pieces, place pads underneath the legs to avoid scratching your floors. Easy slide casters or risers are also helpful to easily move and reach under your furniture, but be sure to choose some that are compatible with your flooring.
Once your furniture has been moved out of its original place, use a vacuum cleaner or broom to pick up cobwebs or pet hair that can accumulate easily, and then run a microfiber duster or cloth along your baseboards. From there, use a Swiffer or damp mop to remove stains, spills, and stuck-on dirt, and be sure to collect any debris found on the couch itself.