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The Best Way To Clean Your Memory Foam Pillow
Memory foam pillows provide amazing neck support, and while they are hypoallergenic, they still hold onto dead skin cells and sweat. To keep your pillows clean, wash them every two to three months, or if you use a pillow case or cover that prevents dirt and debris from dirtying your pillow, you should wash them every six months.
You should never put memory foam in a washing machine since the spin cycle can rip up your pillow, and the foam will soak up all the water, crumbling into pieces and resulting in mold and mildew. Never use harsh chemicals like bleach or put your pillows in the dryer as it will cause the memory foam to disintegrate and melt — instead, opt for a mild cleanser like dish soap.
Spot clean your pillow by dipping a cloth or paper towel into a solution of hot water and mild detergent, then scrub the stain away using circular motions. When it comes time for a deep clean, fill a sink with cold water and detergent, gently wash the pillow by squeezing the foam, then drain out the soapy water, and dry the pillow on a towel.