Oriental Bittersweet leaves
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The Best Way To Control Invasive Bittersweet So It Doesn't
Take Over
Oriental bittersweet has become infamous for its aggressive growth and ability to displace the native American bittersweet, so it's essential to manage this pesky invader.
First, you must learn how to identify Oriental bittersweet. Its vines have alternately arranged round leaves with toothed margins that can grow up to 3 or 4 inches along the stem.
To get rid of mature vines, pull down their tops from the host trees and use the window-cut method to cut their stems twice, both at ground level and the line of sight.
For young bittersweet, manually unwrap the invasive vines from the plants and pull them out, including their roots. Continue to remove any new seedlings for a couple more years.
Another option is to apply an herbicide containing triclopyr or glyphosate to the perennial's bark and roots. This yields the most benefits when applied to dormant vine growth.