Someone placing the manhole cover on a septic tank
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The Best Way To Disguise Your Unattractive Septic Tank
To hide an unattractive septic tank, use this TikTok hack to create an easily removable cover using nothing but a planter for fresh flowers and some patio pavers.
This TikTok hack comes from user @effortlysss29, who creates a raised septic tank cover. They begin by placing a circle of pavers around the septic lid.
Shovel away enough soil so the ring of pavers is firm in the dirt. Tightly place a circle of pavers as if you were making a fire pit, adding two layers for the full effect.
Then, construct a top to place your planter on with an old wooden tabletop. Paint it to match your yard's aesthetics and, once dry, place it on top of the circle of pavers.
The tabletop should be strong enough to accommodate a large planter. Just remember to use materials that you can easily remove when you need your septic tank pumped.