A drill drilling a hole into ceramic tile
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The Best Way To
Drill Through
Tile Without Causing
Any Damage
Drilling a hole in ceramic can be tricky since brittle tile can crack and break. However, you can drill into tile without cracking it using the right drill bit and lots of caution.
For mounting items such as towel racks, small shelves, toilet paper roll holders, soap dishes, and toothbrush holders, use a small bit to drill a hole in your ceramic tiles.
This serves as a pilot hole so you can mount the piece with screws. Don’t screw directly into the ceramic without creating the pilot hole first — you will likely crack the tile.
Place the hole in the center of one piece to reduce the risk of a crack and drill into a wood stud behind the ceramic wall for support for your screws. Use a carbide-tipped bit.
For tile that’s harder than ceramic such as marble, porcelain, glass, or stone, use the diamond-tipped model. When activating your drill with the right bit, drill slowly.
Measure as accurately as possible before making the pilot holes. Use a level to double-check that your measurement marks are perfectly straight before you start the process.
After measuring, drill and place the starter in the center of the desired hole size and apply pressure until the starter catches. Go slowly until the hole saw carves into the tile.