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The Best Way To Fix A Waterlogged Lawn
When your lawn starts to feel more like a wet sponge than luscious grass, it's likely waterlogged, and the first thing you should do is aerate it to help it drain water and maintain your soil’s oxygen levels. Do this one to two times a year if your lawn is especially prone to getting waterlogged.
If only high-traffic areas of your lawn are waterlogged, this could be a reason why water is not draining well, or maybe your soil is prone to flooding due to high clay content. To aerate your lawn, it needs to be pretty dry, so avoid walking on it as much as possible, and if the water still won’t dry, use a broom to sweep it toward the edges.
Hollow-tine aeration physically removes plugs of soil, making it the most effective aeration method for extremely compacted lawns, or you can use ordinary lawn forks or aerator shoes. For parts of your lawn that can't be saved, you’ll want to re-seed them after aerating so they can grow a more complex deep root system that will help prevent future waterlogging.