A person holding a stack of folded towels
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The Best Way To Fold Hand Towels For Bathroom Storage
Having an organized space can actually reduce stress, so here’s how to make your hand towels look crisp. First, lay the hand towel flat on a table with the tag facing you.
Working lengthwise, fold it into thirds. Fold the hand towel in thirds again to store it in a linen closet, or fold it in half and drape it over the towel rod in your bathroom.
Another way to fold a hand towel is to start by laying it flat with the tag facing up to keep it hidden. Then, fold the top towards the center and bottom so they don't overlap.
Lastly, fold the hand towel crosswise in half, and it's ready to hang in the bathroom. If you'd like to store it in the linen closet, then fold it in thirds.