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The Best Way To Get Rid Of Pantry Moths
Pantry moths are extremely annoying, and once you see them, it might be too late, since they may have already had a couple hundred offspring. Their cocoons are very tiny and tend to be difficult to find, but you are more likely to see them at the larval stage, where they will look like small white worms.
Thankfully, they are not harmful, but they are gross, so in order to eliminate them, you need to look in every dry food package and sealed container. If you see the pest in any container, throw it away, thoroughly clean the closet by vacuuming everywhere, use a flashlight to check for larvae or cocoons, and then wipe down your food items and put them away.
Take preventative measures by moving susceptible items to sealed containers — like glass jars with tight-fitting lids or sealable plastic containers — since pests can’t get in or out. If you’re worried your products contain pantry moths, place them in the freezer to kill off eggs or larvae before putting them in a sealed container, or place pheromone traps in your kitchen to attract pantry moths.