Freshly cut grass in the backyard of a private house.
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The Best Way To Level A Bumpy Lawn If You Don’t Own Equipment
A bumpy lawn detracts from your yard's appearance and creates a nasty tripping hazard. With a little bit of hard work, however, you can remove bumps without significant expenses.
In late spring, mow and water the yard, then rake the lawn to dethatch it, loosening and removing dead growth. When done, use a garden fork or pitchfork to aerate the soil.
Use a wheelbarrow to mix 1:1 soil and sand, and add plenty of grass seeds. Don't cover your grass completely; just fill in as many problem areas as possible with the mixture.
Spread the mixture over your yard using a push broom or a leveling rake, applying no more than half an inch in any spot. When done, water the lawn well.
Watering settles the soil mixture and naturally levels it, so some spots may remain low after watering. If so, add more soil, sand, and seed mix to these areas.
Continue watering your lawn generously for the next few days to benefit the new grass seed and encourage further leveling and settling.
If you notice shallow spots, deal with them exclusively by digging a few inches deep around the perimeter to peel back the grass layer without damaging the roots.
Fill the hole so that it’s level when the peeled layer is put back in place, water thoroughly, then spread more soil mixture over the top to smooth the area.