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The Best Way To Machine Dry Your Sneakers With Zero Damage
If your sneakers have gotten wet, you don't have to wait for them to air dry with this simple method for quickly machine-drying sneakers without any damage.
First, check the tag to ensure the shoes can withstand the machine — anything made from animal fur and leather or shoes with several glued pieces should never be put in the dryer.
Start by manually cleaning your sneakers to remove any excess dirt or mud. Then tie the shoelaces together in a secure knot.
Load the shoes into the dryer and position the knot of the shoelaces on the top of the outside of the dryer door to hold the sneakers in place while the appliance runs.
The knot on the outside of the door will keep your sneakers from banging around in the dryer while also ensuring they get enough air circulation to dry adequately.
Use the lowest heat setting to avoid damaging the shoes. Run the dryer for 20 minutes, and if the shoes are still wet, run the dryer in 5-minute increments until they're dry.
The low heat will ensure that delicate parts of your shoes, like plastic aglets, glue, or fragile materials, aren't damaged during the process.