A smaller kitchen has its benefits as it is typically more organized, easier to clean, and more eco-friendly as less food is wasted due to less storage space. However, it’s still important to get the most out of your small space, so here’s how to maximize your small kitchen.
Clever space planning is key to maximizing your space, so try arranging your counter space, appliances, and storage into a layout that is functional. It is recommended to place your most used appliances, like your stove, sink, and fridge, within four to seven feet of each other to have a convenient kitchen layout.
Consider switching out storage units for more efficient ones, like ladder-style shelving which provides more storage and takes us less space, or open shelving so your kitchen looks less cluttered. Take advantage of space underneath cabinets to hang glassware, and invest in spice racks and magnetic knife racks to get the most out of your small kitchen.