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The Best Way To Make The Most Out Of
A Small Backyard
A small backyard creates an intimate environment, and there are actually many ways to make it feel inviting and spacious. By considering a few key principles related to visual lines, illusion, and perspective, you can make your space feel layered, complex, and larger than life.
Emphasize Curves
Curved lines and rounded surfaces give the illusion of endlessness, and a serpentine path flanked by flowers and plant beds works great for narrow, hilly, or sloped backyards. Round tables, firepits, chairs, water features, and plant beds can also maximize the sense of roundness in your yard.
Think Vertical
Vertical elements like slender trees and bushes that are thinner near the bottom and fuller on top help bring a sense of height to your yard, and a pergola over your garden with climbing plants can draw the eyes upward. Consider using vertical boards for a fence and vertical stripes for any fabrics.
Layered Spaces
Incorporate layers into your yard by raising your deck, patio, water feature, garden bed, or fire pit area a few inches off the ground. Instead of a traditional patio, look into “floating decks” which elevate the farthest area of your yard, allowing it to feel more spacious.