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The Best Way To Make Your Narrow Hallway Feel Wider
Wall Paint
If you paint your hallway a neutral color like taupe, light tan, cool gray, or cream, it can make your hallway look more open and also draw attention to your decorative pieces. A reflective paint finish like eggshell, satin, or gloss can also draw more light into the space.
When choosing your hallway flooring, think bigger – tiles should be at least a foot wide while wooden planks should be at least 3 inches wide to make the space seem wider. A neutral-colored floor can also make the space feel more open, and adding a runner with vertical lines can also elongate the hallway space.
Lighting and Mirrors
Lighting and mirrors will make your hallway appear brighter and larger. The best is natural lighting through windows or skylights, but if this is not an option, you can paint the inside of your door a light color or add glass panels to interior doors to allow more light to shine in your hallway.
When it comes to decorating your hallway, less is more, so try placing items on one side of the hallway to avoid having a cluttered look. Another tip is to use decorations that don’t take up floor space like pictures, art, and mirrors to lift the gaze up.
Furniture should be slim and multifunctional like a tall dresser that offers storage space inside and a place for decorative items on top or a bench that contains storage. You could also try a shoe-and-coat rack combination, a ladder-shelf for décor pieces, and storage ottomans or baskets.