The saying “the bigger the better” definitely applies to windows since they lead to more natural lighting and open living space. It’s a major expense to invest in large windows, but luckily, this hack will make your windows appear larger without having to replace them.
An easy and cost-effective hack for bigger windows is to hang your curtains high and wide instead of right above the window frame, so you can either hang the curtains close to the ceiling or a couple of inches above the window. A longer curtain rod will make your windows appear wider since it tricks people into thinking it’s bigger than it is.
For the appearance of large windows, floating curtains that hover above the ground, floor curtains that touch the ground, and pooling curtains that have extra fabric on the floor are the best types to buy. Light-colored curtains will allow for more natural light, but if you want patterns, vertical stripes are great for making small windows appear larger.