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The Best Way To Prep Your Yard's Soil Before Planting A Tree
Ensure a tree's root development, nutrient uptake, and overall vitality before planting it by assessing your soil and employing improvement techniques if needed.
First, buy a soil test kit or contact your local agricultural extension office for a professional soil analysis to know your soil's pH level, nutrient content, and composition.
After assessing your soil, ensure that the pH level is suitable for the type of tree you're planting so that it can absorb nutrients efficiently.
If the soil's pH level is too low, add garden lime to raise it, or if it's too high, use sulfur to lower it. You can also spread and mix organic matter in the soil.
Organic matter like composted tree bark or worm casings will help enhance the soil's structure, moisture retention, and nutrient content.
If your soil is compacted, insert a garden fork into the ground and gently rock it back and forth to break up the compacted layers and improve aeration and root penetration.
You should also understand the type of soil you have. If the soil retains too much water, adding sand or organic matter can help improve drainage and soil structure.
You can know how well your soil drains by checking it after the rain — if there's too much water sitting, you could have slow-draining clay soil, which can harm your tree's roots.