Brown recluse spider on countertop
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The Best Way To Recognize And Deal With Brown Recluse Spiders
The brown recluse boasts an unmistakable brown shade, which is extra helpful when it comes to identifying them. It also has no stripes, bands, or contrasting pigmentation.
The brown recluse’s tiny size betrays a big bite. These spiders are only about the size of a quarter, while the common wolf spider is significantly bigger at 2 inches.
Six Eyes
Spiders usually have eight eyes positioned at the front and side of their heads, but the brown recluse has six eyes arranged in three pairs.
Violin Pattern
Brown recluse spiders are sometimes called "fiddle-backed spiders" due to the odd, dark violin pattern found on their backs and near their heads.
Fine Hair
Another tell-tale sign of a brown recluse is that its legs are covered with fine hair. Any spider with spines, spikes, or matted-looking hair isn't a brown recluse.