Spray bottle on concrete surface
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The Best Way To Remove Paint From Cement Surfaces
If you have a stubborn paint stain on your cement, don’t panic — there are a few secret weapons that can help you get your material back to looking brand new.
Before you begin cleaning the stain, check whether the paint is water-based, like acrylic or latex, or oil-based, like enamel, which is a bit harder to remove.
With water-based paints, warm soapy water can do the trick. Simply wipe off any loose debris, and then scrub the area with a stiff-bristled brush until the stain fades.
For oil-based paints, apply paint stripper to the stain and let it sit per the directions. Then, wash the area using a hose, and use a stiff-bristled brush to sweep the paint away.
If your stain remains, you may have to make a poultice by combining an absorbent material with a solvent. For cement, a common poultice consists of acetone and talc.
Combine the ingredients to form a thick paste, and spread it over the paint stain. As it dries, the solvent breaks down the paint while the absorbent material draws it out.