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The Best
Way To Repair Drywall Holes, According
Drew Scott
Instead of purchasing a drywall repair kit, Drew Scott from HGTV's “Property Brothers” has a tip that can be a quick fix for repairing these unsightly marks.
Scott says all you need is a crayon. “You don't have to repaint, you don't have to take all this time filling the hole, all you need is a crayon,” Scott explained.
This simple crayon hack creates a seamless finish without the hassle of a big project. However, please note that this hack only works for small holes, such as one made by a nail.
Choose a crayon that is as close to the wall's paint color as possible. Scott added, “Match the color on your wall [...] and then all you have to do is go to town.”
Scott demonstrated how sticking the crayon in the hole will fill it with wax by twisting the crayon at “every angle” to get the wax in all the crevices.
If the hole is very bad, Scott has a solution. “If you find there are any raised parts in the hole or any burrs, you can just sand that off and, in five seconds flat, it's done.”