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The Best Way To Repair Patches On Your Lawn
Common Causes
A lawn may lose greenness and become patchy due to insufficient or excessive watering, soil compaction, and low soil quality.
Fungal infections or other diseases, heavy foot traffic, and pet urine might also be the culprit and need to be addressed before you can repair the patches.
Repairing The Patches
To repair a patchy lawn, remove the top layer of dead grass and weeds. Then, use an aerator to loosen the soil in the dead areas and add topsoil to facilitate the revival process.
Spread the same seed mix used in the rest of the lawn onto the patches and mix it into the soil. Fertilize and water as the seedlings grow for optimal growth and recovery.
Preventing Future Patches
To prevent future patches, pay attention to common causes mentioned earlier, repair any new patches as soon as they start to develop, and avoid risky repair shortcuts.
Choose the right seed mix for your soil and environment, and establish a regular watering schedule
without overwatering.
Maintain an optimal mowing and trimming routine using sharp tools, cutting at the right height, and varying your movement patterns to achieve an even lawn.