Orange-brown terracota flowerpots stacked on top of one another
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The Best Way To Repurpose Broken Plant Pots To Use In The Garden
Don't discard your broken terra cotta pots because
you can repurpose them
into plant markers using paint, stenciled or hand-drawn lettering, and a protective finish.
For the simplest version of this hack, sand the edges of the broken shards with fine-grit sandpaper, then get a Sharpie pen and handwrite the name of your plant.
However, you can customize these markers to your taste to create a fun, personal stamp — for instance, by adding stenciled designs, fabrics, different background colors, and more.
Lastly, you should add multiple thin coats of Mod Podge to help seal your new plant markers. Let them cure for 72 hours before placing them next to their corresponding plant.