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The Best Way To Rescue An Overwatered Cactus
The key to reviving an overwatered cactus is mimicking the conditions of its natural, arid habitat by scaling back on watering and ensuring it gets plenty of sunshine.
First, gently remove the cactus from its pot and look at the roots. White cactus roots are salvageable, but roots that are black, brown, or mushy have root rot.
Let the cactus dry outside in the sun before pruning any rotted roots with a clean, sharp tool to halt the spread of the rot and protect the healthy parts.
Now it's time to repot your cactus. Select a clay pot with good drainage that's just big enough for your plant. Fill the pot with a new fast-draining cactus or succulent mix.
Once the cactus is settled, slowly reintroduce water. It's best to water your cactus only when the top 2 inches of the soil are entirely dry, or about once every 10 days.