Small pathos plant in a macrame hanger in the corner of a room
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The Best Way To Revive A Droopy Pothos Plant
If the usually full-of-life heart-shaped leaves of your pothos plant are drooping, it could be due to hydration issues, too much sun, low humidity, crowded roots, pests, or fungus.
Overwatering drowns the roots of the plant, leading to droopy leaves. If this is the case, uproot the plant and replace the waterlogged soil with a well-draining potting mix.
On the other end, underwatering causes the leaves to dry out and even turn brown. To fix this, soak the plant for 30 to 60 minutes in a sink filled with 4 inches of lukewarm water.
Too much direct sunlight can dry the soil and potentially burn the plant’s leaves. This is easily remedied by relocating it to a location well-lit yet safe from direct sunlight.
Overcrowded roots stunt water and nutrient absorption, causing dry leaves. To alleviate this, repot the plant in a well-draining container 2-3 inches larger than the original pot.
Pests can suck the plant’s sap and weaken it, but they can often be banished with running water or insecticide soap. For fungal infections, use fungicide or apple cider vinegar.
Recent potting can cause transplant shock, in which case a plant needs time to adjust. Low humidity also causes drooping, which is fixed by grouping plants or using a humidifier.