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The Best Way To Roll Your Extension Cords For Tangle-Free Storage
Rid your cords of twists
and snags with this unique coiling method. Start by coiling the cord in a traditional way, holding one end with one hand and forming loops with the other.
Then twist every other loop you make, alternating a standard loop over your coil with an underhanded loop tucked in from below.
You may find this method tricky if your cable is brand new. In this case, leave the cable out in the sun for several hours to help it relax before trying this technique.
With these alternating loops, you'll be keeping space between each one, preventing overlapping areas from creating slip knots when
it comes time to uncoil.
This trick will save you time and hassle and preserve the life of your cords, as it prevents knots and tangles from forming and creating harsh angles that deteriorate cord fibers.