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The Best Way To Save Your Amaryllis Bulbs For More Colorful Blooms
After the dazzling blooms of your Amaryllis bulbs fade, resist discarding the plant. Instead, guide it into dormancy to harness its energy for future flourishing.
To channel its energy efficiently, trim the stalk down to a ½-inch nub once it turns yellow. Allow the leaves to wither naturally, preserving energy for the next blooming cycle.
Place the potted amaryllis in a cool, dark space for two to three months, maintaining a temperature around 55 degrees. Minimal care during this period enhances the bulb's vitality.
After the dormant phase, relocate the plant to a sunny window, water it thoroughly, and nourish with a suitable fertilizer. Witness new shoots sprouting, promising vibrant blooms.
Periodically check for mold and treat with fungicide if needed. If growth occurs during dormancy, shift the bulb to a sunny spot, water it, and allow the natural growth cycle.
Embracing these steps ensures your amaryllis bulb's health, enabling it to give you stunning blooms season after season and adding timeless charm to your space.