Paint brush on the can lying on wooden background. The surface is half - toned with blue color.
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The Best
Way To Store
Your Paint
Brushes After
Cleaning Them
Caring for your paint brushes means more than cleaning off all traces of paint. A process is required to preserve the integrity of the bristles, ferrule, and handle.
First, use your fingers to gently restore the bristles to their original form immediately after washing to ensure
even and consistent paint application on future projects.
Next, remove excess water. Give the brushes a good shake, or a brush spinner can efficiently expel water without causing harm to the bristles.
Alternatively, you can gently blot the brushes on a clean, dry cloth, avoiding pulling on the bristles, as this can cause them to shed.
Dry brushes horizontally on a flat surface with bristles extended off the edge, allowing air to circulate, speeding up the drying process, and preventing deformation.
The next essential step is packaging and storing the brushes, not just as a precautionary measure but as an integral part of ensuring the longevity of your tools.
Individual covers or tubes that came with your brushes when purchased are the best packaging option, as they were specifically designed to fit and protect the bristles snugly.
Alternative brush protectors can be bought or created with paper rolls or tightly wrap the brushes in plastic wrap to protect the bristles from dust, damage, and deformation.
Store brushes vertically in a dry, safe area. Ideally, hang them by their handles in a brush wallet so the bristles maintain their shape.
If vertical storage isn't an option, lay your brushes flat in a safe and undisturbed place, ensuring the bristles aren't touching anything that could alter their shape.