A sudsy sponge at the bottom of a wet sink
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The Best Way To Store Your Sponges To Keep Them From Smelling
Dirty, wet sponges can develop dangerous bacteria that lead to foul odors. To prevent this, keep them in a dry spot with good air circulation when they're not in use.
Closed spaces limit air circulation, which may cause germs on the sponge and create a foul smell. Avoid storing sponges in a bucket under a sink or in a cupboard above the sink.
After using your sponge, clean it and wring it out so excess moisture doesn't cause bacterial growth on the sponge. Then, find a dry, airy storage area.
Laying a moist sponge on a countertop or at the bottom of a damp sink will increase the time it will take to dry, which may lead to odorous bacteria.
To prevent reeking bacteria from developing on your sponge, store it in a plastic basket or a drying rack with drain holes at the bottom.
Another option for your sponges is to create a DIY sponge holder by attaching a sieve to the back of your sink or draining rack.