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The Best Way To Touch Up Paint Without Repainting The Entire Wall
Before doing a touch up project, it’s important to note that you probably will not be able to match the wall color perfectly, as paint fades over time and the same color paint will be more pigmented. In addition, while surface-level stains and scuffs can be easily covered, larger damage will be more of a challenge.
Wicking Rate
Another important factor to consider when doing touch ups is the wicking rate, which is how fast the paint dries on the wall and — in turn — affects the final color. In order to try to get the paint color to match as closely as possible, dilute the paint with 5 to 10% water before doing the touch up.
Prep The Wall
Before painting your wall, plaster any holes, and avoid trapping any dirt or debris by cleaning it with water and soap. If your wall has major damage from water, dents, or large holes, you will need to consult a professional if you are not able to repair it yourself.
Swatch Matching
If you know the original paint brand, color, and sheen, buy the same one. If you don’t, use a sharp razor to scrape or cut off some paint from a hidden part of the wall, and take it to a paint store to get a color match, or use an app that will do it for you.