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The Best
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Garlic As
Pest Control
In Your Garden
Garlic is popular among cooks, but it's also used as a pest repellent by gardeners. Garlic works to get rid of pests because of the sulfur and allicin, jamming up their sensory receptors.
The most effective way to use garlic as pest control is garlic spray. You'll need one garlic head, water, a blender, liquid soap, a fine strainer, a jar, and
a spray bottle.
Put peeled garlic in a blender with eight ounces of water and blend for a minute until puréed. Then, add 24 ounces of more water, with one ounce of dish soap, and blend again.
Transfer to a clean jar and leave the mixture overnight, about 12 hours. This way, the mixture can become infused with those allicin and sulfur compounds.
Once steeped, strain it and remove any solid garlic pieces that may clog up your spray nozzle. Then pour the mixture into a spray bottle and store it in the fridge between uses.
It's best to spray your plants in the evening time, about a foot away from the leaves, getting both sides of the plant for an even coating. Once-a-week treatment should be enough.