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The Best Ways To Kill The Grass In Your Lawn For
Easy Clearing
The simplest and least labor-intensive method to kill your lawn is by using a non-specific herbicide, such as glyphosate, which will kill anything growing in the area.
Spray down your lawn with herbicide during a season when it's actively growing, and skip watering for two days after application. Grass will start dying after a week.
If you don't want to rely on any chemicals to kill your grass, place a large tarp — clear or black is the best — over the grassy area that you'd like to kill.
The sun will heat up the grass below the tarp, eventually blocking off its necessary moisture and increasing the temperature of the soil to the point that the grass won't survive.
For a slightly more holistic approach, use vinegar to help kill your lawn, which is similar to normal pesticides, but less harsh and more approachable to the average person.
Use higher-concentration horticultural vinegar that requires you to approach it with a bit more caution. Keep it away from pets and kids, and wear gloves or a mask when using it.